Siren of the Sea


Edjegitaar ft. Mardi van Groesen

I leave my life to free my soul
Anonymous, out of control
I wander were the skies are grey
And draw the scars inside of me

Whooohoo oooh oooh
I am drowning in my sea
In the darker side of me

My ship is captured by the waves
I’ve given more than I can take
Wherever I was doomed to roam
I am forsaken and alone

Whooohoo oooh oooh
I’m a siren of the sea
In the darker side of me

Unfold me, release my chain
Unravel, endure my pain

I’m a siren of he sea
In the darker side of me

Illustrations by Guy de Hoop
De Hoop Creatief Advies – 2019

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